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In a note to the Home Office, her private secretary wrote: "The Prime Minister has commented that it would be outrageous if the Chief Constable were required to seek clearance for all his public speaking engagements." Sir James was also president of the police chiefs' association Acpo and his inflammatory comments also raised the ire of his colleagues.

Sir Lawrence Byford, the chief inspector of constabulary, described a hastily convened meeting of chief constables from other forces.

Michael referred to the Beverly Hills incident with the lyric: “I'd service the community, but I already have, you see” and samples of radio reports of his arrest were used within the song.

In the same year, Michael fronted a documentary about HIV to coincide with World Aids Day.

"Mr Anderton was told that some of his recent public statements had brought ridicule upon both the association and the police service and had helped fuel the case of left wing militants." He added: "He is his own worst enemy.

It can revealed that the government staged a series of crisis meetings aimed at keeping Sir James in post, and that other chief constables accused Sir James of 'bringing ridicule' on the police service.“I had this overwhelming feeling that the best was behind me. “There was so much death around me, I can’t tell you.” Despite personal and psychological struggles, Michael became almost as well known for his outspoken views in support of gay rights as he was for his best-selling music, using his 1998 arrest as a platform from which to highlight and make light of common prejudices within society.The video for “Outside”, the first song released by Michael after his Beverly Hills arrest, is a particularly strong work of satire – the singer poses as a Los Angeles police officer performing a dance in a public toilet styled out as a disco.I felt almost like I was cursed.” Michael made no qualms about admitting how hiding his sexuality for so many years had taken a serious toll on his mental health. front-man had admitted to his sisters and close friends as well as his bandmate Andrew Ridgeley that he was bisexual, but was advised not to come out to his parents.It was not until he was interviewed several years after his Beverly Hills arrest in 2007 that Michael said he had made the decision not to come out so as not to upset his mother, or have her worry about Aids.

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