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When he catches wind of your feelings too soon, it can put you at a disadvantage. Move slow and don’t let his excitement push you into moving quickly.

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He sees that his job is not done and he needs to keep pursuing you to win you.

If he’s disappeared and never contacts you then he was not right for you and most likely was not a suitable candidate. There is nothing wrong with you, he just was not the one for you. You want a real man that will pursue you genuinely and is not afraid of commitment.

Be strong confident, friendly and wait for him to come to you.

The Capricorn Man- A Guide to Understand Your Capricorn If your Capricorn male has pulled away, disappeared or is unresponsive then, lady, it’s time for you to do the same.

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He needs a challenge and you chasing him is NOT a challenge. This is NOT about game playing, this is about giving this man time to realize that he has feelings for you. These men are very slow to catch feelings, so slow that you might get bored or tired of it and bail. If you are texting him, calling him and not even allowing him to do his job he is less invested, less interested. If you’ve come to the point where he’s pulling away after getting close (from being intimate or sharing his feelings) then let him pull away! For whatever reason, he’s decided that he needs time away.

It can be very disarming when it comes at you at first.

This is not to say that he’s fooling you, on the contrary, just do not let your emotions get the best of you in the very beginning of the relationship.

The Capricorn Man- A Guide to Understand Your Capricorn You might be wondering, “Why is he ignoring me?

” In general, the Capricorn man does not want or need to be smothered.

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