How you know you are dating a nerd

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THE NERD BE ALL “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten.” Applied to dating: If you keep dating the same kind of guy, you know what comes next. The world, with its fact and fiction, doesn’t have to dictate the kind of guy you date based on the category you fall under.Give yourself a chance to be weird—and find the weirdo who’ll love you for it.I never saw it as a date, but we were usually alone.I’d still talk to him about guys I liked, and he would give me advice and just say go with the flow.What was common: They were a lot like me and passed certain standards I’ve set. So, after my last boyfriend, I decided to stop dating for a while. In particular, to one guy who I couldn’t quite read. I felt like he just genuinely wanted to be my friend, and I was cool with it because he was so interesting.We started hanging out more often, and surprisingly I found myself being the one to ask him out to hang.

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guys do legitimately like Michael Bublé and listen to “IJHMYY” on a daily basis, there’s a 97% chance that his click was directly related to your name and song choice appearing in his sidebar. If it was genuinely a coincidence, well, that’s a sign in and of itself! (nerdy boy) until you think there’s a 51% chance he likes you but is hiding it, then tell his friend you’re interested in N. but not to say anything, then the friend will tell N. Here are some helpful nerdy boy “tells.” If a nerdy boy isn’t into you, he’ll be worried you might get the wrong idea, and you’ll develop an unrequited crush on him, and you’ll think he’s a bad guy, and he really, really doesn’t want to be the subject of a Taylor Swift song because that would be mortifying. Or, you know, don’t say anything at all, and just live your life with your pride intact. As a result, nerdy boys find it very difficult to share seating space because everyone knows seating space is just a gateway to you wantonly brushing against him. It’s OK, we’ve all got a few regrets floating around our nerdy girl hippocampi. If you are thinking about dating a self proclaimed nerd, or if you are currently dating one, you may relate to a few things on my pro/con list.There are a lot of movies that may fall into the nerdy category, but every real nerd loves Star Wars.

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