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You Tube/Soundcloud You Tube and Soundcloud are online websites that enable people to upload and share videos and audio for free.

A variety of businesses, artists, experts and organizations use them to disseminate ideas and information to a wide audience.

This is especially true in the Global South where rural communities and the poor now have access to cheap mobile phones and coverage that far exceeds that of landlines.

For media projects, the range of possibilities provided by feature phones and smartphones is endless.

This can be a useful tool for projects pursuing access to information and freedom of expression agendas because it provides a platform for sharing publically important information in a visual way and raising awareness within a specific context.

The amount of information available to the masses is incomprehensible.Social media can also be used as advocacy and lobbying tools to raise awareness amongst the general public of a specific issue.What is vital is to ensure that you have carried out enough audience research to know which platforms (if any) they are using.Social media conjure up many different types of data security and access to information issues. The data provided in these applications is no longer private and can become compromised.There is also the contentious situation of social media platforms, such as Facebook, becoming the only avenue for access to the Internet in the Global South, which raises the question how free and impartial access to information will become.

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