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I refused to meet a few people in the early days who kept asking for more pics, I thought they were just collecting pics for some reason!It never occurred to me that they thought I was hiding anything.And before people say its a dating site their pics should be shown , but its not just a dating site , is it ?I fail to see how that is relevant to someones opinion on the amount of pictures they'd like to see of a potential date, if you've had lots of success from one picture then great, same for anyone with no's working for them and they're happy with what they're getting then cool.By commenting, you are accepting the IBM commenting guidelines and the DISQUS terms of service.

Before it even dropped its “The” prefix, Facebook was a dating site.

If I was looking to date, I would definately not go by just one picture. I only have one on, as I cba with the whole dating scene, and am here purely to join in with all the fun and frolics :)Well, I just had another chat request. She was gorgeous and seemed to have a genuine profile, but I read those 6 dreaded words:"I am a born again Christian"I told her that because of this, we would argue, I would win and her entire world-view would be shaterred. As far as Im concerned chat requests from randoms that you havent spoken to before opens up a whole can of worms!

If you are bored within a few mins of talking or they start with the whole really boring subject of their penis within mins of talking to you - you have to block them - but these people seem to create new profiles every time and come back to harass you!

If I don't know them, it's inevitably some sort of sexual/financial wind up - depending on how bored I am, I might play ping-pong for a bit, just for the crack.

I can give as good as I get (and some), so they soon lose interest.

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