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Giving his first account of what happened on the night she died, Mr Blair says he was woken at 2am on Aug 31, 1997 by a police officer at the end of his bed, who told him that Diana had been badly injured.He knew from the beginning that her chances of survival were poor, and was told of her death at 4am.

It was difficult because there were no conventions for the death of a person such as the Princess of Wales.The change mainly was due to a massive decline in longs a week ago.This was curious because there was no obvious movement in spot AUDUSD that triggered it.Wrote our friend Rogoff about prospect of Goodfriend at the FED: Thank goodness there will be someone at the Fed with the foresight to realize that world needs to start thinking about how central banks can best deal with the inevitable next deep financial crisis.And negative interest rate policy is the best idea out there by a wide margin; hopefully we wont need it anytime soon.

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