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A good Scout knows what’s hot before anyone else does.

Forty-eight hours before huge publishing deals like Fifty Shades, you’ll have seen a UK Scout on the phone to their US clients telling them they have to read the book NOW.

As a reader, you won’t have heard of a Scout simply because you’re not their market.

But if you’re reading an American book that’s been published in the UK, or see a UK book that’s popular in Sweden , that book has likely been read by, and possibly recommended by, a Scout to a Publisher.

I thought CJ Thomason was great and I have been following his career for quite a while and love to watch him in Harpers Island, so its fun to see him in this leading role.That publishing house will often ask if they can buy the international rights as well, so that can sell the rights to publishing houses in different territories like Germany, France, Spain, etc.In other situations, agents will try to sell international rights themselves.At any one time, a good Scout can tell you the top 10 books editors or agents are reading ; their job is to know. K Rowling’s secret, there are things that simply can’t be known.But let’s rewind a bit., so to understand them you need to know the basics of how books are sold from writer to publisher to foreign publisher.

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