Intimidating accronyms

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provides a list of words, phrases, and abbreviations commonly used in Harvard IT communications.

This glossary is intended to clarify technical terms for a general audience and introduce Harvard-specific terms to new Harvard IT employees.

Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission.

A committee of private sector organizations that developed control frameworks on enterprise risk management.

ICE Cluster (Instructional Computing Environment) One of two FAS UNIX (Linux) general-purpose clusters used by FAS and DCE for Computer Science classes and any FAS account holder for general UNIX work via SSH. See also i Commons is a Part of Academic Technology Services within Harvard University IT, i Commons supports a collaborative approach to academic computing by working closely and extensively with the Harvard Schools to provide a set of online resources for teaching and learning at Harvard — resources that can be grown and managed locally with customization and content unique to each client school.

The ICE and NICE clusters are the only HUIT services which provide email via UNIX applications (i.e. The i Commons suite of software solutions includes web-based course management, portal- and intranet-building software, survey tools, and a wiki platform.

As anyone with limited mobility knows, the simplest task of turning down the heat can take a good amount of effort.

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Note: AD is a common acronym with many meanings in and out of the technology field.

When using the terms below in writing and conversation for a general audience, consider spelling out terms on a first occurrence, then using the abbreviation going forward.

Always use your best judgment as some acronyms (e.g.

In addition to the money you’ll save over time from easy scheduling and increased efficiency, it moves the chore of changing the temperature from reaching high on a wall to the convenience of a few taps on your smart phone.

Upgrading your light switches is simple as well, and most vendors produce inexpensive Z-Wave wall switches and even Wi Fi-enabled light bulbs.

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