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In such cases, in addition to performing their usual functions, the isolating switches disconnect the current flowing through resistors that shunt the arc arresters. Konslruktsii vykliuchaiushchikh apparatov vysokogo napriazheniia, 2nd ed.


Do symptoms manifest themselves when you run the system in safe mode?In the case of damage to certain sections of a network, the circuit breakers operate first, and then the isolating switches automatically disconnect the damaged section, after which the circuit breakers close again and restore electric power to the rest of the consumers on the network.Isolating switches are also used to disconnect and reconnect unloaded transformers and sections of power lines during operation.If you must escalate your issue to a support provider, your detailed notes provide valuable information to the technician who is helping you solve your problem.For example, if your computer does not complete startup, you need to identify exactly where it fails, and write down any error messages.

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