Iranian dating in denmark

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As a child, Zarathushtra developed a profound curiosity for everything in nature and he often questioned life.He was an intelligent child who was very observant and wanted to have clear cut answers to every question that came to his mind.He understood the roles of the Amesha Spentas in the world order and creation.The creation of universe was explained to him and also the importance of Truth and order.Time passed by and the day of giving birth arrived.When the boy was born, family and relatives immediately noticed that this infant differed from other infants.With his ability to see through the surface of things and penetrate to the depth of their cause and meaning, he often confronted local priests and teachers about the meaning of their polytheistic teachings.However, either the priests and teachers barely managed to answer his questions or Zarathushtra himself was not satisfied with the answers he received.

That does not matter when the broad majority of scholars read the facts and base their knowledge on correct sources. Among the things you stated, there weren't even one correct statement about when Zarathushtra was born.Not to mention that you use wikipedia as reference, no comment about that.There are many like you out there who try to undermine Iranian history but what is beautiful about this case is that facts speaks for itself.At the age of nine, his friends arranged a meeting for him with the head priest of his town to discuss the questions he wanted to have answered.Zarathushtra and the head priest discussed for several hours but ultimately, neither side could convince the other.

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