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So I give her my old password even though the account is closed. After you send some winks or use the like or not tab, you will start receiveing messages from opposite sex members, or so you think. But when you start analysing the messages you notice that they all sound like the same person wrote them, some will repeat even, and to answer them you have to subscribe and pay something.

When you do, and answer people back, guess what, no one answers.

Either way, clearly the thing is shady, there just to exploit some lost soul trying to date, shame on websites like these.And the whole purpose of trying to get with a woman online is to meet her of course. Last night a woman phoned me saying that she's in a hotel in the town next door to me and she wishes to know my password for Be Naughty so that she can get me a safety pass verification to be with her. Do not use this website, much less pay any "premium subscription".Now I'm thinking hell yeah I'm going to get me some sex tonight. After you register yourself in this app or website, some people/ profiles will appear first, probably in the city you said you were.The idea is to get your credit card information for subscriptions that are very hard to terminate. Even if there were some real messages, you can't really tell. This company look like it own several similar sister sites that operate identical manner.

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