Is diana taurasi dating ari louis

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Diana Taurasi said, "Yes, WNBA President Donna Orender."Now, all I need to know is how tall Donna Orender is and what kind of car does she drives.Seriously, does it matter if Diana Taurasi is a lesbian?

For teenagers, struggling to come to terms with their sexuality, feeling as if they are the only one who has ever felt this way, knowing someone who they look up to and admire also is gay can literally be a life-saver.

But a recent interview on with Diana Taurasi, WNBA star has me wondering.

When a fan asked Diana Taurasi if she had a boyfriend, Taurasi replied, "I do NOT have a boyfriend, but I am looking for someone rich, is about 6-8 and drives a BMW 745 li."Then another fan asked her if she had a celebrity crush.

If you had a single aunt who lived for years with her 'best friend' many people may not have thought twice about it, but as lesbians, we might guess there is something more to their relationship.

We often look for subtle clues about people's personal lives to determine, if perhaps, they are "like us."The reality is for many people, whether famous or not, is that it simply is still not safe to come out of the closet.

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