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I really believed that if anybody had the chance to knock Ceci and Nate out in the elimination room, it was Andrea and Matt.

“I’ve had such a good time being with the girls and returning to the studio,” she says.

And I feel that because I’ve got this thing out and I have that outlet as well, I’m not putting so much pressure on myself, or the girls, or the project.

Anyway, I was at a party where I ran into some members of the casting team. Niels, I read a bit about your new career with Art of Attraction on your blog, but can you give me a summary of your life as a dating coach? It was so romantic when he showed up during your exit interview.

“It just sort of fell into my lap, really.”Dern has an endearing sense of humor, but he fully recognizes how much his popularity was contingent on the production of the show.“They portrayed me very favorably,” he says.

Now, such a self-indulgent activity yields around 200,000 hits.

I was the first person to arrive in town, so I spent Tuesday seeing how rusty my poker skills had become. I wish we had a bigger turnout, but it was just good to see everyone again. Now I’ve just got one day to recover before I arrive in LA for more bar hopping. Was there anything about the editing of the show that distorted things?

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