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These being sitcoms, though, the quality of a performance is ultimately judged by its comedy, and may have switched out its own ammo, but that’s ultimately to its advantage.

With a 2–1 lead, Le Blanc’s return to form is ultimately the smoother, more complete, more resiliently and insistently textbook one.

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Along with the improbably gorgeous woman Mc Hale meets on Tinder in the second episode’s inevitable-and-inevitably-painful online-dating plot, Brooke plays the younger, credulous audience to Mc Hale’s sardonic joke machine perfectly. There’s even an offscreen fiancé for her to ditch because her mansplaining colleague is irresistible!For two actors on popular American television network CBS, now is that time.Joel Mc Hale and Matt Le Blanc are both leading men coming off series very unlikely to spawn syndication deals, entering into series seemingly designed explicitly to generate syndication deals.For a blandly attractive dude to deliver a punch line, he needs a less blandly attractive lady to serve as his straight woman.Brooke serves that nakedly utilitarian purpose better than Andi, even if Andi is more of a proper colead — after all, a colead means sharing the spotlight. Adoring trophy immediately handicaps itself on the sidekick front.

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