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they have called me for days now have put myself on the no call list stil call cant get them to stop calling-anybody have any tips on how to get them to stop calling rather than just blocking the number?Great Thanks for the warning-Now it's back to the boiler room with you I have received calls from this number since July , - I wont answer calls from a number I don't know- But, I check my voice mail, if they leave one- There has never been a voice mail left from this number I received a call from this number and he harassed me over the phone and he said he would send Sherif to my home to arrest me- When I asked for his website he said www-irs-com and when I continued to ask him details he hung up the phone- The name he give was Brandon Jones and give ID was - He wanted me to pay for holding the case and another to local IRS office, to a very specific person- Later, when I talked to my friends, I fond out that he called his home times already and heard many people are getting calls from this number This call came in while I was at work, I love to break up my day with, BS calls like this- They have an amazing website from the year LOL REAL # , I am an SEO professional and deal with the people whom ruin our trade- Sorry for those who come across this as SPAM below with the number repeat, it increases amount of being found online :)Fake BS Number:, , , , , , , , ,www-jsonline-com blogs news -html Caller: searchenginesetup-com Had the same experience as Simone- Male caller who stated he was calling from "JP Physician Recruiting"- He said he needed to verify my information from an online job site and stated this call would be recorded for quality assurance- Asked if I was currently employed,then asked if I was over ,then asked for my birthdate, I said I don't give that info out over the phone and asked if he could send me the info- aggressively replied "no" and immediately he hung up- MAJOR SCAM- DO NOT GIVE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATIONsounds like the same guy i just talked to, he told me If i wasn't going to keep it professional he was going to hang up, i told him to go ahead and then he tells me he has my husbands birthdate, i told him that that means nothing to me lol So JUST rented a house from this Tej Danjou and he offered to pay for hours of cleaning so I pay out of my pocket and so far weeks later, I'm still waiting for my bucks- sigh I wish I would have found this site before I rented the house :( - This is not the only thing going on either - I could go on, The manager at Sutton says he cannot do anything as Tej only rents an office there- Its a shame that Proact is giving a bad name to Sutton-FULL ADDRESS OF THE WORST AGENCY IN SURREY, BCSUTTON GROUP PROACT REALTY AVENUESURREY, BCVRNOWNER BROKER TEJWAT TED DANJOUCOMPLAINT FILE # RTKeep calling my mother's house for ME All hours of the day & night- Won't stop harassing her- Same things says can get me , for -%, yeah- not- How do we stop these- not fair they can get around the # do not call thing this way They called multiple times- I knew it was spam because I did not recognize the number and we do not know anyone from NJ- I finally picked up, had to say Hello twice and they wanted to know about electric and they were trying to sell something- I asked to be put on the Do Not Call List and they would not accept that answer- They said they were doing a government survey and that I have to answer or they will keep calling- They told me this after I asked to be put on the Do Not Call List three times-They did not tell me what company they were from when I asked This entry was very useful- I ran across it in a jobs hiring want-ad in the LA Times, and jackie's post let me know it was another job scam without my needing to verify thru more indirect sources-Glo- Phillips This #, has called EVERY SINGLE day at least TWICE a day for a couple of months & NEVER leaves a message- Caller ID list the # & Hasbrokhts, NJ- I have no business with anyone in NJ- Wish they'd get the hint & not call back YOU FCKNG LYING ATTORNEY MY AS* KELVIN KEITH DREAM ON YOU CANNOT EVEN SPELL OR PRONOUNCE YOUR NAME RIGHT STAY IN INDIA AND LEAVE US IN PEACE DO NOT TRY TO BE AMERICAN BECAUSE YOUR INDIAN ACCENT IS SO FKIN THICK, AS THICK AS YOUR INDIAN A*S PLEASE DO NOT ENTERTAIN THIS FAKE ATTY- KELVIN KEITH FROM INDIA BUT REPORT HIM TO HOMELAND SECURITY OR TO THE POLICE PLEASE DO NOT GIVE HIM A PENNY OR ANY INFO IN THE FIRST PLACE, THE WAY THEY DO HARASS US IS AGAINST OUR CONSUMER RIGHTS THEY FCK*N DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING AND I HOPE THAT ONE DAY THEY GET PENALIZED AND TRIALEDI HOPE TO LIVE IN PEACE ONE DAYdidn't answer- Called back & get recording, "Hello Thank you for returning my call- Please leave your name and number at the sound of the tone"- Which I did not No company name or other info on recording I have tried for weeks to get the email spam stopped from Parmacy Express (aka Canadian Prarmacy) to be stopped all to no avail- I have reported spam on the website,it does no good- I have tried to contact them via email,it does no good- I continue to recieve between and of their emails daily- There seems to be nothing within the realm of human possibility to stop their emails- Are there any legal actions that will stop this?They either hang up before I say anything or have computer asking me to push if I want what they are selling [Something different everytime]- I call back on my cell phone without my name showing,it says telephone removal system put in your number As someone with telemarketing experience, asking a telemarketer to to take you off their list is not very effective- Their company just gives them an automatically generated list and sometimes several people will get the same number and eventually dial it- That's why some of you guys are getting to calls a day- Just wait it out and eventually their firm will just stop using your number This really makes me laugh - We pay how much for the donotcall list and it does nothing - I have signed up there many times , I never give out my cell number for anything I order - Yet companies like this who are in some politicians pocket are being allowed to break the law again and again on our tax dollars This number always calls my landline within minutes after I recieve a call from () , I don't answer either calls- The () - number shows on the caller I-D as GFC Resources I and the () - number shows on the caller I-D as Wireless Caller- Neither callers leave a message and they call about twice weekly This time it was a female and after asking my name she hung up- When I called back I got recording telling me that the number was temporarily disconnected at the caller's request- What's up with that?????partners with leading advertising agencies to design and develop spectacular interactive ad content for desktops and mobile devices.we’ve launched over 400 projects for seventy popular brands and have contributed to some of the most awarded campaigns of the decade. player, phillips, vizio, sharp, magnovox, samsung, proscan, sanyo, toshiba, mitsubishi, panasonic, hitachi, zenith, knowledge, surround, tape, dish, satellite, sound, system, tech, stereo, county, duval, sony, straps, velcro, supplies, webbing, aplix, east, materials, coast, fabrication, prosthetic, elastic, jersey, prosthetics, orthotics, custom, 1000, tape, fastening, brand, coins, industries, hardware, buckle, wrap, orthoticfood, crayfish, banquet, fish, cray, cravin, shipping, delivery, nationwide, chef, crowley, craw, menu, broussard, lafayette, crawfish, boiled, boil, louisiana, cajun, alleman, event, mark, seafood, catering, , atlantis, implant, abutment, studio, arizona, tempe, vhdental, materialise, scanners, zirconia, vivadent, patient, protocol, crown, gold, simplant, biocare, nobelguide, precision, digital, nobel, nobelprocera, inclusive, cbct, ivoclar, van protector fishing tackle product is safe for kids, lets you transport fishing rods safely, prevents fishing line tangle, and provides better tackle storage.

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