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If she made the non-JW lesbian a social friend, or even someone she spent more than the minimum possible time required with, she would soon find herself in the back room of the Kingdom Hall being lectured by stern faced elders. That’s like saying: “I totally respect your right to choose whether you cross this bridge or not.

By the way, if you cross it, I’m going to shoot you in the head.

So no wonder that Hannah, a Witness raised in such an environment, would react with angry, abusive dismissal to news of two other women embracing their true sexual identity. The point is simply that these verses exist, and for Hannah to deny they exist, whilst claiming existence for a mythical, unseen scripture that teaches respect for all sexual orientations is simply outright, barefaced, calculated deceit. Also, there is the fact that Hannah would indeed be prejudiced against the smoker.

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The first demo is supposed to be an example of what not to do, the second is the “correct” way of handling the situation. Emily: I think it’s so cool that Ashley and Jessica have come out as being Lesbian, don’t you? Hannah: (Abruptly) It’s what the Bible says, Emily. If anyone is in any doubt, just check out the words of Anthony Morris III, a member of Watchtower’s Governing Body and a person Witnesses are required to obey without question. The law here is very clear: Homosexuals get killed. In other words, as far as Hannah understands it, Paul here is saying that gays again deserve to die, although Christians are commanded to leave the killing to God and his heavenly armies.I think Hannah was perfectly clear, given what we know of Watchtower’s teachings on the subject. Well…given that Emily appears to believe that a person’s sexuality is not a subject for scorn or hate, it might be difficult to make Watchtower’s message on the subject more appealing without diluting the clarity. As a Jehovah’s Witness, Hannah is absolutely required to reject homosexual people. Smoking is just as bad as homosexuality in the Watchtower’s view. Hannah has one more lie in her, and it’s a whopper.If one of her Witness friends or family came out as an active homosexual, Hannah would be required to shun them as if they were dead. More to the point, even if she met a homosexual who was not a baptized Jehovah’s Witness, she would be expected to refrain from any close association with them. Emily: I guess so Hannah: It’s the same with out differing views of homosexuality. Based on what I’ve learned from the Bible, I’ve made a lifestyle choice to reject homosexuality, and I appreciate those who respect my right to make that choice. Except that if a fellow Witnesses choose something different to her, she will punish them with shunning.After surviving the Holocaust as a child, Israel Meir Lau -- a former Israeli chief rabbi -- spent decades searching for the man who saved his life.That journey ended with an Associated Press report about a recently discovered Nazi document confirming the identity of the teenager who shielded him from German gunfire when his concentration camp was liberated.

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