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If you haven’t guessed who she is trying to emulate here, then you’ve been hibernating all this while for sure.

In a luxury car, behind the flashy shades, dayum, is she throwing some serious shade at Kim Kardashian or what?

With her soft curls swept at a side, the gorgeous face is adorned with glossy red lipstick and smoky eye make-up.

We generally don’t see Tay wearing her nails long but here is she flaunting some super long red claws.

Taylor opted for a blond curly lob and styled the dark look with fishnets, black high waist shorts and crop top. The deep tome of plum lipstick isn’t something we are use to see the star in.Flaunting those flawless legs is something that comes naturally to her. Her feminine signature styles have become a trademark over the years.Let us find out more about Taylor Swift and find out why there might never be another Taylor Swift, not in this century! Plenty, when you read everything about Taylor Swift!Take a look: [ After family, comes friends – girlfriends and boyfriends. Such was the popularity that the song topped at No. Net Worth: 0 million (as per June 2016 estimate) Get yourself a glass of water, now that you have read the truly fascinating list of achievements of T. Diet Plan: Being thin is not important for Taylor Swift. But she makes it a point to stay away from ‘sugary’ drinks.You might be curious to know what has been the relationship chart of Taylor Swift? With such a hot dame as Taylor Swift, it would be wrong to estimate she never had any flings, ever since the time she became a celebrity. Drinking water is her top priority, eats light on weekdays and eats like a king on weekends.

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