Kuwait dating in 2016

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The name Kuwait is derived from kut, an Arabic word for "fort." Location and Geography.Kuwait is a small country located in the Middle East on the Persian Gulf, between Iraq and Saudi Arabia.The shift from a nomadic to sedentary lifestyle happened quickly with industrialization and urbanization coinciding with the advent of the oil industry in the past century, and habits of nutrition have not completely changed to accommodate the present environment.An average Kuwaiti person eats three meals each day.

Within a span of fifty years, the town burgeoned into an important trading post, with boat building and the excavation and cultivation of pearls being the two main industries. Kuwaitis are increasingly a minority in their own country.The manner in which space is used in Kuwait reflects the traditional relationship between men and women.In nomadic times, tents would be separated by screens or a cloth, so that men could entertain unrelated men, as is their custom, without having the guests come into contact with female kin.There is tension, however, between these cultural norms and the other ethnic groups who reside in Kuwait.Most Kuwaiti workers have government jobs, an opportunity generally denied to foreign nationals.

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