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From the start, Avie was enthusiastic about getting to know my two sons.

At 13, Luca was figuring out how to move from boy to man.

I wanted him to connect sex with love and be genuinely interested in both, maybe too much to expect from a 13-year-old boy.

One day, I opened my computer to find it on a page that provided answers to questions about sex.

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Two moms and their children got no strange looks, caused no embarrassed confusion as would have been unavoidable less than a decade earlier.Obviously, he was curious and had questions, but when I tried to talk to him about what I had found, he denied having any idea of how it got there. He told Luca stories about when he was a teenager during the 1950s, about his antics and escapades both adventurous and dangerous, such as sneaking into the drive-in or smoking cigarettes with his friends. At the same time, I feared that their lessons and guidance ran counter to our family values.My job, as I saw it, was to maintain the integrity of our two-mom family, even if the second mom was no longer my wife.I liked listening to his stories and enjoyed introducing him to new experiences and new ways of seeing the world.Still, I had to acknowledge that I had growing concerns I needed to address.

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    She wants a reason to get dressed up more often and to find someone to have a laugh with, as well as share the good times and bad.

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