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In my opinion, the knockoff you can buy in a green aerosol can at Walmart is closer to the original. I agree with the previous review, this scent has a wonderful sillage and it definitely turns heads. However, I picked up this bottle after a few years and gave it a sniff...If an orange had a butthole I imagine this what it would smell like. I find this a little bit bitter and I'm not overly impressed.

Something about my skin chemistry hates this scent, it turns into pure poison on me and ends up smelling almost stale with a strong fruity overtone. On my sister though it is perfection and on her it smells as I expected it to the first time I held the bottle up to my nose. At least on me it is lovely and carefree when it is hot outside with low humidity. Thankfully it fades with the drydown, or else it'd be a dealbreaker.A coworker asked me for the name and now it is her signature scent. I got the small 7ml bottle and even though it hasn't expired (batch code says it has 5 more months)it already smells like latex gloves/rubber. I guess I need to buy this fragrance when it's just been freshly produced otherwise it will already smell rancid.I haven't given up because I feel i'm going to love it if I try it fresh! It can be done by checking the batch code on the box or the bottle even in the shop through online websites that read batch codes.When it's fresh it's absolutely beautiful, sparkling citrus and just enough light flowers to completely eliminate any worries of a citrus-y bitterness.Really this is the most wonderful scent, the name is perfect, the mood is cheerful and optimistic, it parts the clouds and puts gas in your tank and a good song on the radio.

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    The best thing to overcome loneliness and improve your adjustment to the country would be to start dating a Korean woman.

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