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I realize there might be more details than you’ve shared here about how you know she’s just in it for access to your network, but none of this sounds particularly egregious.Either way, though, if you’re not interested in hanging out with her, you don’t have to.The costume itself was fine, but she also wore a name tag, with the name of another one of my reports. I had never heard it before my report started working here.

People were calling them twins or had said the costumed person looked more like her than she does.And she ended up adding me on Linked In day five of the job while I noticed none of my other coworkers are in her network.To top it all off, she invited my husband and I for dinner with her boyfriend and her.However, I have a colleague who is very helpful to me but very nosy and it turns out she wants access to my professional network.I recently moved from a very large city to a smaller city. Therefore, she constantly wants to hang out with me. She interrupts me during the work day just to say “what’s up.” She “happens” to leave at the same time I leave for home.

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