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I thought the M24/47 always had the factory name-- or this a cobbled M48. My profile is a photo showing the left side of the two receivers. The 48s were all made after the war, no way to tell exactly what year. So I recently purchased a Yugoslavian M24/47 8mm Mauser in great condition and was finally able to shoot it today.......wow, I'm sold! I have a few german, yugo and czech mausers in 8mm mauser.Other than more kick than I'm used to (I think my Garands and M1A have less kick) I really enjoyed the rifle. I have a few in 7mm mauser(south american) and in 6,5mm mauser(swede) too. I have some tucked away in the safe and i only shot my yugo model 98 so far. Both rifles have a line of Yugo-ize letters ending with 44 on left side of reciever, otherwise just serial #'s, model and Yugo crest on reciever. Oh, yeah, the 24/47 has an 'M', then the serial numbers, the M48 just a number.The 24/47s were made early on by FN then the Yugoslavs themsevles at their plants, from what I remember the Yugos built way way more than they imported from FN. On original 24s, the stock would have a Kings crest, and that will get you in a range of about 3-5 years of when the rifle was made.

I have a 24/47 in its military dress too its been probably in battle.If they headspace ok and still have some rifling left these can be very accurate.Some of them old russian mosins can hang with the mausers too in accuracy. Sorry no pics because I have no idea how to post them? Sorry no pics because I have no idea how to post them? I was quite disappointed in Classic's grading as "excellent". My Father in Law, who always treated me as his own son, you will be sorely missed. Still pretty decent deal on them, I think my brother paid 0 OTD from Rguns last year This is my M24/47, got it from Classic Arms about 18 months ago and it was ugly as sin, the wood anyway.

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