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Of the Iron Age individuals, three carry at least one Duffy null allele, protecting against malaria, and two have at least one sleeping-sickness-resistance variant in the APOL1 gene.

The Stone Age individuals do not carry these protective alleles.

Cumulatively these findings shed new light on our species' deep African history and show that there is still much more to learn about our process of becoming modern humans and that the interplay between genetics and archaeology has an increasingly important role to play.

Scientists report a breakthrough on understanding the demographic history of Stone-Age humans.

"This tells us that Iron Age farmers carried these disease-resistance variants when they migrated to southern Africa," says co-first author Helena Malmström, archaeo-geneticist at Uppsala University.

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"It is remarkable that we can now sequence entire genomes of ancient human remains from tropical areas, such as the southeast coast of South Africa," says Helena Malmström.

This is promising for our several ongoing investigations in Africa.

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