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Mary Ann delivers a powerful monologue to her late father about how much she misses him, how she remembers him crying when Doris supposedly died; and how angry she is with her mother now.

Doris retreats to her car, where she tears up herself from hearing about the pain she caused.

She asks if his brother taught him those, and he says yes.

Later, with Steve, Danno laments having to live, and raise his daughter, in the post-9/11 world – where it seems that danger surrounds us and we’re all living on borrowed time.

The remaining henchman is hit, but the leader tries to use Kono as a shield.

They struggle, fall from the vehicle and fight hand-to-hand in the street before Kono prevails in a flurry of marital arts moves. The mysterious file contained information on a fugitive organized-crime figure they had helped get off the grid. Danno’s Good Graces Episode 6 did nothing to advance ), Danno and Grace are shopping for a dress she can wear to a big father-daughter dance that evening – an attempt to build upon the bonding that took place between them in the Halloween episode.

Season 2 focused mostly on the identity of the mysterious Shelbourne, as well as the search for Mc Garrett nemesis Wo Fat and plots hatched by disgraced former cop Frank Delano – ongoing stories that came together in the season finale. Sister Act 2: Back in the Five-0 After installments that included a satanic Halloween and a lame terrorist plot (recapped below), Season 3, Episode 7 of finally got back to the Mc Garrett family saga but didn’t advance it much.

Baby sis Mary Ann (Taryn Manning), still unaware of Mom’s rise from the dead, returns to Hawaii at Steve’s behest.

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