Melyssa ford is dating

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She is gorgeous and her hypnotizing looks and mesmerizing eyes can flatter any men.She is none other than the very pretty Melyssa Ford.Her interesting and inspiring biography has so much to offer for other people and they can learn a lot from it.She has not only been a brilliant model but also a very successful actress and her portrayals have been absolutely out of this world.Her mother is Russian and Norwegian while her father is Afro-Barbadian.Before modelling, she used to work as a bartender at Toronto nightclub.Her Twitter account is verified and this means she is the one using it.

At this age, she still looks like she is in her 20s.

She has posed in photo shoots several times in a bikini showing off her sexy legs and hot feet and each and every time she has looked absolutely sublime in doing so.

Her curvaceous body is very sexy and it is the main asset of her sex appeal.

There are lots of rumors going on about her of being a goal digger.

She is brilliant and her work has always been of highest quality.

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