Midnight sex chat

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I want you, and I cannot think of a more fitting way to end this glorious day! My mouth pleasures your hard cock to the tempo of the music, first soft and slow, and then hard and fast.

You wrap your arms around me, so tight and whisper into my ear of how you want to make all my dreams and fantasies come true. Cumming this way is not how you want to end our evening. You pleasure me with your tongue between my thighs until I pull you to me.

Running your hands along the small of my back, I want to melt into your arms forever. Long ardent kisses lead to us having fiery, passion-fueled sex under the Christmas Tree.

Merry Christmas, Victoria cozy up with me on twitter and Tumblr This loser asked me in private if I could cuckold him…

Just as he began running his thick fingers between the lips of my pussy the phone began to ring. Those fingers are so thick that just two of them are thicker than the average cock and he knows just how to curl them against my G-spot to make me instantly orgasm.

When I answered, the sound of sex was already obvious in my voice. Whenever my boyfriend felt I was talking too much that’s exactly what he would do to send me over the edge.

Soft kisses slowly become more passionate and intense with each passing second.

Their eyes closed as they touched and lingered, moaning softly with hopes their pussies would soon be fingered. I can feel the water run down my chest to my stomach.

Suddenly there was such a clatter, by men arriving to check out the matter. It’s only a few days until Christmas, and the stress is getting to me. I grab my dove soap and start lathering my arms, rubbing the lather, making so many luxurious bubbles on my skin.

That familiar evil grin spread over my face as I replied, “Yes I absolutely can…” He asked if my boyfriend could fuck me for real while I verbally humiliated him between lust filled orgasms.

The kind of orgasms he knows he could never give me.

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