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Prior to 2011, Miura the TV Actor seemed happier spending his teen years out-hacking cyber-terrorists or goofing off with his deadbeat high school homies (*loves on Shirota Yu*) than really getting serious about romahhhnce (unless you count his turn as Shida Mirai’s 15-year-old babydaddy in 14 Sai no Haha, hahaha).

(And I’ll ignore – for now – his eyebrow-raising performance as an affianced high school instructor who tangles with a student in that Winter 2011 ren’ai with a riddikulooosly long name. Lulz) Whereas Miura the Movie Actor already has a number of romantic films under his belt, the most popular being Koizora (Sky of Love), the 2007 celluloid version of the cell phone novel turned pop-culture phenom, and 2010’s Kimi ni Todoke (From Me to You), based on the hit shoujo manga and anime of the same name.

After all, the boy turned 21 this year, so forget the shounen-manga adventurism of the Bloody Mondays or the high school hijinks of Gokusen 3 and Samurai High School; because the rite of passage, the definitive landmark of any aspiring leading man’s career, is the Romantic Drama Screen Test (RDST): 1) Can you convincingly play someone who’s young and in love?

(Here in the tropics, we have only two seasons: El Niño and La Niña, hahaha) …And [noona alert!!! It would only be fitting for an actor of Miura’s looks and appeal to move past the mandatory silliness of his earlier work and anchor his promising career on heartthrob roles of the young-adult persuasion.

Despite that library scene foreshadowing Mystery Boy’s sociopathic obsession with Mika, the movie is still relatively pleasant up to this point, as the two youngsters spend every day of their vacation talking about everything under the sun, as teenagers are wont to do: e.g. (Hahahaha) They celebrate their Promise of Love (at the Dolphin Bay, lol) by makin’ s’MOAR whoopee ON THE LIBRARY FLOOR, between the . (Hahahaha) At least Mika’s parents approach the teen wedlock issue more realistically (i.e. Fast forward to Christmas Eve, and Mika’s on her way to her dead baby’s shrine at the Flowerbox of Regret, when she sees Hiro there (!!! When Koide Keisuke proposes to her the following Christmas Eve, who does she bump into at the flowerbed/shrine but Nakamura Aoi, who reveals (finally!

The two kiddos are so consumed by lust they don’t even bother to find a dark nook somewhere (although this is a high school library, so I doubt there’d be dark nook for.. are supportive but with reservations, in contrast to Hiro’s folks’ blithe acceptance), but capitulate anyway under the earnestness of their daughter’s bright-eyed impregnator with the normal-colored hair. ) that Hiro’s been sick *rolleyes* (Well at least the end’s in sight now, yay.

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We hope to create a drama that resonates with many female viewers.

If Koizora was based on a true story, then I’m a yodeling Swiss goatherd named Juergen, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA What’s even more disturbing is that Japan effing BOUGHT the tripe and let it snowball into a “cultural phenomenon,” according to Wiki.

The novel went viral in 2005 with a whopping 20 million subscriptions, then sold two million copies in hard print, and even spawned its own manga, dorama and film adaptations. ) Apparently, the whole country got a collective kick from reading about the never-ending woes of their favorite teenage love martyr, never mind if these were probably nothing more than the hyperactive fantasies of a lonely, affection-starved bint who happened to have too much time on her hands.

and 3) Can you do it again and again until you make the transition to Hot Single Dad/Elder Statesman roles? ha,ha,ha) We all know how a 24-year-old Kimura aced RDST in Long Vacation back in ‘96 (and no, Asunaro Hakusho doesn’t count, hahaha.

eeewww geeks hahaha); ditto Tsumabuki Satoshi in the contemporary classic, Orange Days in 2004 (although fans may argue that Lunch Queen in 2002 was the real turning point).

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