Most expensive dating site

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Wealth Evolution, a Chinese banking service bought the website.Date sold: February 2015 Add an "o", and the deal gets even better.

But don't expect any sort of fun chat site: Salesforce bought the URL and it now directs to one of the company's advertising pages. P., a firm that sells financial tools and products online, purchased Credit in 2004. was part of a massive .5 million deal in 2003, but its sale included a number of other assets.Years later, I even offered to the owner’s son and he told me he didn’t need it since they already registered Whiskya Go Date sold: April 2014 Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi purchased in the biggest domain sale of 2014 through a private sale.It's said to be the most expensive domain name purchased by a Chinese Internet company, and Xiaomi intends to use it to make its brand name easier to remember."We want to make sure this gets the white glove treatment it deserves." Year Sold: 2015 Alf Temme sold the domain after owning it for almost nine years.It was one of his smoother sales, in 2010 Microsoft sued him for owning ho0and hot5and having them redirect to his businesses website.

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