My friend is dating my brother

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Though I was pretty acquainted with the fam, I felt a little awkward around her brother since we rarely spoke.

There were a lot of hurt feelings and feelings of betrayal on both sides.

Then, my little brother came to see me and asked if it’d be OK to ask her out. He admitted that he’d already asked her and she said yes. They’ve both talked to me together and she even spoke to me by herself about this, but I can’t accept it.

The next day they’d become Facebook friends, liking each other’s posts and commenting on them. He said that she and I weren’t together anymore and were just friends.

SIL was texting me all that first week asking if he’d made a move yet.

She was teasing me, but really there was something between us and it took all of about a week for us to see that.

You coming out swinging to a situation like that will only make you look like an ass.

So if this is the case, it might be worth exploring why.His memory’s recently improved with medication adjustment. Then take that information to a lawyer to discuss your POA and whether you should be initiating the divorce he’s suggested.He’s asked me to initiate divorce proceedings against my mother and questioned his remaining in long-term care. Trying to make this decision alone is too big a responsibility.And a reliable, healthy, loving partner isn't going to surround herself with people who unjustifiably disapprove of the relationship.It should be understood that a new couple starting out has one very important, burgeoning relationship to invest time in… You can’t possibly learn the ins and outs of a person if her “brother” is consistently in and out of her: on her phone, in her texts, at every function she is at, or, possibly literally, in and out of her. If she’s texting the smirking-I’m-not-wearing-any-panties emojis, giggling at comments that don’t even warrant laughter, and play-fighting with her "brother," it's fair to say something is amiss.

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