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Richard Kimble (Harrison Ford), prompting Chicago Police Department detectives to hunt Ford's character.

This role was used in a subplot of the Scrubs episode "My Friend the Doctor" when J. (Zach Braff) notices Flynn's character in the film, and believes that Flynn's Janitor character is the actor in the film.

Cox's sister-in-law, played by Tara Reid) in the Season 3 episode 'My Friend The Doctor', J. notices the real-life Flynn's character in the train scene.

He was also the first baseman in the movie Rookie of the Year. His name is not revealed in the series until the Season 8 finale when, upon J.

His popularity in sweetly acting the cop in movies and the quirky dad are two things that separate Flynn from many other actors.

See Also: Adam Sandler’s Wife, Kids, Family And House A handful of people know him before the Scrubs, but for a majority of us, that was his breaking from the mud house into the glass house of the movie industry.

Flynn once appeared in an episode of The Drew Carey Show, playing the fake husband of future Scrubs co-star Christa Miller. Flynn was originally only cast for the first episode ("My First Day"), but he became a regular, playing a character known only as the Janitor, who devotes much of his energy to menacing young Dr. D.'s first time asking about it, he simply says his name is Glenn Matthews.

He appeared on an episode of Seinfeld, playing a police officer. This is also speculated to be false for two reasons: first, after J. leaves the shot, an orderly addresses the Janitor as "Tony"; and second, while watching The Fugitive with Carla and Danni (Dr.

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