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Although debit cards offer no-interest savings – which may factor for some plastic users – there are six places where you should never use them.Gas Stations In addition to ATM machines, gas pumps are a popular target for “skimming,” in which crooks place a portable card-reading device inside the pump.javascript:common Show Modal Dialog('' '/_layouts/15/itemexpiration.aspx' '? ID=&List=', 'center:1;dialog Height:500px;dialog Width:500px;resizable:yes;status:no;location:no;menubar:no;help:no', function Goto Page After Close(pageid), null); This space is reserved for notifications about closures and other urgent situations.A Green light means BVSD schools are operating on their normal schedules.This way, the purchase amount will still be deducted directly from your bank account, but it’s processed through a credit card network, providing greater protection if fraud occurs.Online Purchases Along with providing added security should the retailer fall victim to a data breach – a hacker can’t overdraft your bank account with a credit card – debit cards) offer extra protection perks.

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Even without a PIN, someone can use your card number to make fraudulent purchases online.Gas stations also place holds on debit charges, which is another reason to use credit cards.For information about other scams, sign up for the Fraud Watch Network.It was this “memory-parsing” malicious software (also known as a “RAM scraper”) that was behind the well-publicized hacking of payment card information of some 110 million Target customers over the Christmas season – and responsible for nearly two dozen other attacks in the past year.Get discounts on financial services with your AARP Member Advantages True, credit cards are also vulnerable in such POS attacks.

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