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We don't know how many people, over an extended period of time, use online chat rooms.

There is no data telling us how long each individual user spends engaged in online chat and we don't know at which times they are likely to come and go.

(Hamman, 1996) These forms of cybersex, according to Nguyen and Alexander, are often satisfying enough that they can "evoke physical orgasm" for many of the participants.

(Nguyen & Alexander, 1996, 116)In my research of cybersex chat, I decided to use an ethnographic approach, following the precedent of some other important studies of cyberspace (Reid 1991, 1994; Turkle 1995; Baym 1996).

Abstract: Text based computer mediated communication (CMC) has recently been the focus of many ethnographic studies by social scientists.

In my own research of cybersex, I followed the lead of these researchers and utilised ethnographic methods but encountered several significant difficulties.

In this form of cybersex, users type instructions and descriptions of what they are "doing" to each other and to themselves while masturbating.In this article I will discuss the use of ethnographic field research methods in cyberspace, focusing more specifically on my own ethnographic research of the online sexual practices of the inhabitants of AOL chat rooms.Below I will briefly describe this research to give readers an idea of the focus and findings of the study which I undertook.The second form of cybersex chat is the computer mediated telling of interactive sexual stories (in real time) with the intent of arousal.These sexual stories are sometimes based on reality, sometimes on pure fantasy, either way they are almost always very detailed and highly erotic.

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