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As he is getting face fucked and then barebacked, the entire time he is being yelled at, and loudly. Because this poor sot was making a lot of noise himself. This boy wasn’t like all those money hungry guys I met before. Fans of deep-throating and face-fucking are in for a real treat at the start of this superb escapade between new boy, Orri Gaul, and the clearly insatiable Chester Owen; with the latter clearly determined to give his tonsils the very hardest of workouts for your perverse entertainment.

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Granted, while there is definitely a lot of down time around the House (since their movements are so restricted), at least most guys will find a new hobby, start reading, catching up on old TV shows, or what have you. He has lost a few jobs already because he sleeps in and misses his shift completely.

Generally speaking, as long as their rent is paid and the chores are finished, none of the Managers mind what they do. How can you sleep in when you sleep 20 hours a day already?

Generally, that would be because you have a major problem, usually external, and usually inhaled.

So the House Managers definitely suspected something was up.

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