Nonverbal communication in dating

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Psychologists may be best at reading non verbal communication as they, perhaps more than any other professional, know non verbal communication down to the very slightest movement or gesture.

Poker players also use non verbal communication to tell what types of cards other players are holding.

For example, if a woman tells her boyfriend she is happy going to a football game instead of shopping, but she is standing with her arms folded facing away from him, her body language clearly says she is not happy with the decision.

Non verbal communication can also be helpful in certain professions such as law enforcement.

The study of using touch as a part of non verbal communication, such as giving someone a high five, is known as haptics.

Even the pitch and tone of ones voice can give away their non verbal feelings. Non verbal communication is a very interesting and highly studied field in which many psychiatrists and researchers have devoted their entire careers.

Non verbal communication is so important that there are several specialized fields within it.

The study of body movement, gestures, and facial expressions is known as kinetics.

“Peacocking”: Just like the bird, we too strut our stuff.” (Forbes article about body language) Non Verbal Communication: Cues, Signals, and Symbols (different cues for non verbal communication) Don’t Speak, Just Move (using body language to communicate) UI Study Shows Schizophrenia Limits Understanding Of Body Language (how schizophrenia may limit understanding of body language) Presented by Signup for free online dating. If you ever find yourself wondering how a date went, then use my expert love advice to look for clues during the date. When you are on a first date, I would look for these four main eye movement cues: a.Distance is one of the number one indicators of attraction.The closer you two are, the more they like you and feel comfortable in your presence.

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