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Benefits Commission on automatic payments will be charged according to the Nordea price list.

If the payment currency is different from the bill currency, the currency conversion of the corresponding amount is performed as per the exchange rate set by the bank on the day of payment submission.

The app allows you to pay purchases in shops around the world as contactless payments and online purchases with Masterpass. Accept the payment and confirm it with the code app.7.

It also allows you to easily monitor the balance and transactions on all your cards and your daily spending. To conclude, the merchant's website often shows you a summary of the purchase you made. But if you log out, you won’t get notifications of card transactions.

When making an online purchase with Masterpass, it is enough that you find the Masterpass logo on the merchant’s website. Click the Masterpass logo on the merchant’s website.2. In Nordea Pay you will see the details of the merchant and the total sum of your purchases.

You can easily confirm your online purchases with the Nordea Codes app.

Answer: You will need at least one Nordea card and the Nordea Codes app.

The date of automatic payment is specified in the agreement signed with the service provider.

No need to log into your online bank or look for a receipt in your email.

The app also makes it easy to keep track of automatic card payments.

Create a mobile PIN with which you will accept payments.8. Check from the payment terminal's display that the payment has been accepted. Masterpass is now part of the Nordea Pay app, so you don’t have to install it separately.

Wait for the phone display to turn green as a sign of a successful payment.5. Wake your phone (you don't have to open the lock screen).2. Check from the payment terminal's display that the payment has been accepted. Masterpass is Master Card’s digital wallet service which gets you faster and safer online checkouts.

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