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In addition, Monica wore dark stockings and black high heels. Monica turned her back to Mike so he could see her backside. "I'm gonna pork that broad," Mike said to the male employee. With that, Rich disappeared through the doorway leading from Heidi's office to his.

In Albert's opinion, this was the perfect ensemble for a secretary. Levinson Marketing that was looking froward to Nude Secretaries Day more than anyone else. In an office full of sexist pigs, Mike managed to make a reputation for himself as being the sleazy womanizer. She found there was really only one way to deal with people like Mike. Her pink panties had a sexy lace trim that hugged the contours of her bottom. "You just wait." Monica was glad when the day was finally over. Heidi turned to her computer, sat down in her chair, and began her daily secretarial duties in the nude. She imagined all of the faces she would get, walking through the lobby of the Loughridge Building, completely nude.

Monica's blouse was form-fitting; so that the rounded shape of her breasts showed through, and was cut low enough to give just a hint of cleavage, but nothing more. Mike slipped a small piece of paper into the waistband of Monica's panties. Monica pulled the paper from her panties and lowered her skirt. " Heidi looked at her screen, and realized that with her standing, her entire naked body was now visible on her cam feed.

Her skirt was short and tight, a good three inches above the knee to show plenty of leg and tight enough to complement the round shape of her behind. She slammed the thumb drive on Mike's desk and stormed out of his office. Heidi gasped, and quickly covered her breasts and labia with her arms as she returned to her seat.

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However, in a few short days, that uniform was going to change. " "Sure," David said, opening the copier and looking inside. To date, Mike had managed to bed every secretary in the department- except Monica. Monica found Mike absolutely repulsive, and she thought she had a pretty high tolerance for uncouth men. Monica lifted her skirt up to her hips and revealed her pink panties. She stepped into Albert's office and tapped her fingers on his desk. Shari insisted Monica leave her her coat in her office, so when Monica made her way back to her own work station, she had to walk there wearing nothing but her high heels. We want to have the conference room set up in time," Albert said. Being naked here was one thing, everyone in this office was expecting to see her without her clothing. Monica scurried out of her office and fled down the hall into the ladies room. She could hear Andy's voice, but the screen was black. "Let's check our connections, maybe the cord came out." Heidi stood up, and checked her web cam cord.

Albert took a peek at Monica's bottom as she walked out of his office. Monica had grown used to the attention she got from Albert, as well as the other men in her office. Monica took a seat at her desk, crossed her legs, and conducted her secretarial duties. "You didn't answer my question, though." Monica sighed. "I'm wearing pink panties today." "Mmm, sexy," David said. "I can't wait," David said, and walked away grinning. In spite of having laid every secretary on the fifth floor office of J. Levinson (including Shari, to Monica's disappointment) Mike had not been present at the previous year's Nude Secretaries Day as he had not been transferred in yet, so incidentally he had not yet seen Monica naked. This led to even more apprehension on Monica's part for Nude Secretaries Day than she already had. " Monica asked, holding out the thumb drive for him to take and shaking it. "If you show me your pink panties." "Mike, I really need-" Monica was interrupted when a male employee stepped into Mike's office and placed a folder on his desk. "I'm heading out now, see you tomorrow," Monica said. Albert watched from his office as Monica retrieved her purse from the cubby drawer at the bottom of her cabinet. She heard a few wolf whistles as she made her way down the hall, and numerous men stuck their heads out their offices to ogle her naked rear end as she passed by. I hope it will draw more attention to our business." Albert placed a company credit card on Monica's desk. She stood at the sink and splashed cold water on her face. It wasn't enough for the secretaries to be naked in the office, he wanted to expose them to the world. Is that any way to talk to your beloved big brother? " "Well, they-" Suddenly, Andy's video feed went black. She'd been anxiously waiting the past five weeks for a reply from them.

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