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One boy said the towel fell off, leaving him briefly exposed until he covered himself. As Cameron and Clegg push on with their legislation to allow gay marriage, you might believe that we live in a society which grows ever more permissive, tolerant, and liberal.Dirty mats, Snider said, helped to spread impetigo, ringworm and other skin conditions.As his wife listened and took notes as he testified, Snider said he conducted nude skin checks when boys would bring possible skin issues to his attention.“I asked them to grab the tip of their penis, pull their penis up.I asked them to take their two fingers and pull up on their scrotum and I visually inspected that.Under questioning by his own attorney, James Tedford, Snider said he started the checks because half his team had skin conditions and was unable to participate in practice on his first day on the job.Snider said he made showering mandatory, enlisting his students to clean the filthy showers and bleach the decrepit, torn mats that had been in the gym for decades.

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Sometimes, they said, he knelt down in front of them, put his face close to them and used his flashlight to examine inside their buttocks.Photo by Brad Graverson/The Daily Breeze/10-5-16 Torrance High School’s former wrestling coach admitted Wednesday that he inspected his teenage wrestlers’ private parts, saying he did not believe he was doing anything wrong as he tried to prevent the spread of ringworm and other skin illnesses.• VIDEO: Thomas Snider testifies on his own behalf in Torrance molestation case Taking the witness stand to defend himself at his own trial in Torrance Superior Court, where he is charged with molesting 26 boys, Thomas Snider, 48, said there was nothing sexual about his “skin checks” or the massages he gave his athletes who complained of injured muscles.Former Torrance High School wrestling coach Thomas Snider testifies in his own defense Wednesday in Torrance Superior Court.He is charged with 47 counts of lewd acts with children, acts prosecutors allege were committed by Snider as he conducted nude examinations of his wrestlers under the guise of looking for ringworm and skin rashes.

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