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Around the same period in time (early 19th century) these adepts started taking on new pupils.This was new because they have thousand year old traditions of only revealing this info to initiates.The only info we have about Abdullah is from his students Neville and Dr. Adbullah taught that the true Christ/God lies within and instructed on how to access the higher self.When Neville Goddard first met Abdullah it was under protest.He claimed to have met with high priests of Egyptian magic, been initiated into the mystery schools, and given secret teachings that later became the Holy Seven Circle Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America.

Around this period adepts in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East began teaching Westerners visiting their homelands as well as traveling throughout the Western Hemisphere and Europe teaching this ancient knowledge to people who showed sincere interests in learning.Initiation was a lifelong practice that starts in childhood or adolescence at the latest.There was an increased urgency to release this information to the world because of a coming shift or new age in humanity.This is why the spread of the Kabbalah (esoteric Judaism), Sufism (esoteric Islam), and the Gnostic scriptures (esoteric Christianity) all started to penetrate the Western World around the same period.Adepts such as Hakim for example could recall oral traditions and histories for tribes all over the world dating back over 65,000 years.

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