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) In the modern today, women hold key positions in leading global organizations.

Legends tell of her being thrown into a brothel, where her purity was miraculously preserved. In the IV Century, Constantia, the daughter of Constantine, built a basilica on the site of her tomb. Ambrose wrote about Agnes in De virginitate, and Damasus I wrote an epitaph for her. Her emblem in art is the lamb because of the similarity between her name and the Latin word for lamb, agnus. Mary Magdalene is one of the greatest saints of the Bible and a legendary example of God's mercy and grace. Marcellinus during the peace that preceded the persecutions of Diocletian.

Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska of the Blessed Sacrament was born as Helena Kowalska, in Glogowiec, Leczyca County, north-west of Lódz in Poland on August 25, 1905. The precise dates of her birth and death are unknown, but we do know she was ... Thomas was born a Jew and was called to be one of the twelve Apostles. He passed through those days of terror, witnessed the abdication of ...

Patron of Betrothed couples; chastity; Children of Mary; Colegio Capranica of Rome; crops; gardeners; Girl Guides; girls; rape victims; virgins; the diocese of Rockville Centre, New York Birth: 291 Death: 304 A popular saint about whom little is known, Agnes is said to have been a beautiful, wealthy Roman maiden who had, in childhood, dedicated herself to God.

Some say that a rejected suitor betrayed her to authorities; others say that she was asked at 13 to sacrifice to the gods and marry, both of which she refused.

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