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These translations are identified by a yellow text box that resembles the link below and can be found in the right hand rail of the page.The home page for French-language content on this site can be found here: Renseignements en Français Where an official translation is not available, Google™ Translate can be used.The majority of Canadians use alcohol at social events, with meals, or because they like the taste and how it makes them feel.Alcohol, even with moderate use, can affect fertility, and increase a person’s risk for cancers (e.g., breast, esophagus), heart disease, stroke, depression, or injury.

Sexual health education is one important aspect of health promotion.

SAMA does not maintain or distribute sales information pertaining to the cities of Regina, Saskatoon, Swift Current or Prince Albert.

Property Transfers are selected by municipal unit with date range and/or price range. To order Detailed Property Profiles, contact SAMA via email, call 800-667-7262, or fax 306-924-8070.

Government of Saskatchewan is not responsible for any damage or issues that may possibly result from using translated website content.

If you have any questions about Google™ Translate, please visit: Google™ Translate FAQs.

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