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The second, related problem is that people tend to make negative assumptions if you don’t explicitly offer up a certain piece of information about yourself in your profile, like your body type, or your income.“If you have a positive attribute, you have every incentive to say that and to be forthcoming about it,” Oyer says.“You want to signal up to a point, but then after a certain point you want to remember, ‘Hey, I’ve gotta move on because the odds this is going to work out are low,'” Oyer says.En español | In the old days, you most likely would meet Mr. Right in college, on the job, maybe in a bar or though family and friends.In his book,, Oyer reveals how you can use economic principles to your advantage in dating.Oyer, who is now happily in a relationship with a woman he met on JDate, recently sat down with The Date Report to talk about all the (actually interesting) dating tips you slept through during your freshman Econ class.

The first is that people lie about themselves all the time — an infamous Ok Cupid blog post outlines the big ways people fudge their personal details, including how guys often say they’re two inches taller than they are in real life.Spending a little more time crafting that first message is the best online dating example of what economists call “signaling,” because it’s something only someone who’s truly interested in you is willing to do.Although personalizing your initial message to perfectly capture your shared interest in artisanal pickles and marathons is a smart way to signal you’re really interested, it’s not realistic to craft similarly detailed messages to every single profile user who catches your interest — you’d never leave your computer.“That just shows no investment and no credibility,” Oyer explains.“I could send that message to 100 people.” I’m much more likely to respond to a message from someone who’s spent enough time reading my profile to know we both enjoy the same movies, or who offers a reading suggestion because he knows I’m a writer.

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