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Both Livestream and USTREAM have comparable offers, it depends on the individual requirements. The Encoder USTREAM offers a browser based encoding service, but the quality is relatively basic.

Fortunately USTREAM has support to stream from higher quality third party encoders.

The Live Streaming If you don’t have a budget to pay for your own CDN, services like USTREAM and Livestream provide the full infrastructure to deliver video content to your viewers.

It could indicate a slow shift from traditional live streaming models to more integrated offerings.

As example if you use Word Press for your blog, install a SEO plug-in like the All in One SEO Pack and use optimized keywords and tags. Thankfully USTREAM provides this for free, and uses Flash to deliver to the desktop and devices with Flash support, and a mobile optimized version to i OS.

Conclusion A couple of years ago it was almost an art to stream a live event, but with increasingly better infrastructure and providers like Livestream and USTREAM offering free basic packages, it becomes increasingly easy to broadcast your own content.

Although 800kbps is not sufficient for regular HD content, it’s perfect for a simple webcam stream.

Last but not least, make sure the encoder uses a robust internet connection with sufficient bandwidth, at least twice as much as the actual bit rate.

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