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@Pro Mc Tagonist I would imagine that when the list is so long that it requires a scrollbar, everything would get bumped over to the right a bit to make room for the scrollbar on the left. " option) it becomes really _hard and messy_ to do multiple profiles.

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Each identity status can be changed independently, and each one's contacts can be filtered just like a single-user setup. Not sure if it's only me but a bit more space between the different groups would help distinguishing them.Furthermore, I am not sure, if it is necessary to see my avatar and status for each group directly in the list of contacts.Maybe a context menu (popping up to the right of the group) would clean it up.Each of these contacts can be in L circles (many-to-many-relationship).So, each profile contributes its contacts to the pool of all contacts. :) @srkunze thing is, core doesn't really do stuff like managing actual data on hdd - it's all up to client.

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