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This is a phrase we've coined to describe individuals who have built considerable audience & influence on social media channels.We live in a world driven by clicks, follows, likes & comments.Cryptaur is to increase the efficacy of all social interactions by freeing them from all kinds of middlemen and making those interactions immediate, transparent, secure and mutually beneficial.This goal will be achieved by creating a fast blockchain-based decentralized ecosystem and organizing user interactions on the peer-to-peer basis.It's by these metrics of engagement that we measure success.We only manage quality talent who are among the top social creators in the world, dedicated and passionate individuals who are determined to be professional and accountable while exploring their potential in all areas of media and merchandising.Livia’s Kitchen is here to share her love of healthy eating, and sweet treats, to show that it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, and still totally delicious.Her love for all things sweet, has developed into a range of delicious bites - all of which are nutritional twists on classic desserts.

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Cryptaur unites these technological innovations and further enhances them with a number of its own proprietary solutions in the realm of social capital management and user rights protection.

The end-price of a product will only contain real production costs and a fair margin.

Users of all Cryptaur ecosystem's services will be able to make payments by using all payments options of their preference—fiat money, mainstream cryptocurrencies, Cryptaur tokens.

To this end, the Proof of Contribution (Po C) algorithm will be used.

It is further split into three sub-categories: Proof of Experience, Proof of Expertise and Proof of Expansion.

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