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“I also hope the guy who is supposed to check all the articles on the website is not working anymore for the tournament.

Because for me, for a grand slam website, it should be an article about the tennis and that’s it. I told the tournament that I wasn’t really happy about it.

While he may not be the most powerful player on the Chinese National Team, Ma is the most unpredictable.

Fellow Chinese teammates have remarked that he is a very tactical player and is always searching for a solution.

His serves appear to be traditional pendulum serves, but are some of the most visually deceptive in the world, with very subtle differences in spin and service motion.

guess that is solve, Stan is so not dating Donna, but still let’s find about this rising star.

There is no denying for the love birds, Donna Vekic and Stan the Man are indeed a couple, you can expect to see her cheering for him at most of his matches and media referred to her as Stan’s girlfriend. But then again look at them, they are so happy, so why wouldn’t we be happy for them , right?

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