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"All we could see on our cameras when he left the shop was him walking down the drive and getting into his car in the distance.

VIDEO: CCTV gin theft from farm shop Mr Gibson, who noticed the gin was missing just a few minutes after the incident added: "We set the business up seven-and-a-half years ago as we were a small farm struggling to find a market for our goods.

He called me every name under the sun.'Anyone who knows me knows I always pick up my dog poo, but this was raw, like liquid.'I'd wormed Jackson the day before - the first time I've done it - and his stomach wasn't responding too well.

Mr Clarke was jailed for 15 months following the attack which happened in May last year, though Mr Pike said it is not long enough.

The grandfather-of-seven said the incident has left him unable to 'trust or have confidence in people.''I used to be a postman and the man from the union saw the footage and told me not to watch as it's too sickening.'I was talking to someone and the next thing I know I'm seeing stars.

Footage was released by the Gibsons Farm Shop in Wingham.

Scroll down for video Owner Andrew Gibson, who employs 40 staff at his business off Crockshard Lane, says the tipple cost £37 a bottle and has shared a video in a bid to get information.

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