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In the unlikely event that you find a healthcare provider that is missing from the database, or needs updating, you let us know, and we do the rest.

You get the benefit of all these updates, by receiving regular (daily or weekly) updates from us. For each healthcare provider you get accurate and up-to-date information including name, speciality / service, landline, cell, email, postal address, physical address, geolocation, registration numbers, and much, much more.

Layers 1 and 2 form a simple core that you can refer back to whenever you are getting confused by the more complicated layers 3 and 4.

Special methods whose invocations look like reading or writing properties. Exist only in the ECMAScript language specification.

Normal properties are storage locations for property values; accessors allow you to compute the values of properties. They are not directly accessible from Java Script, but there might be indirect ways of accessing them.

The specification writes the keys of internal properties in brackets. But they are more than that: they are real general-purpose objects.

This 1950s home is the perfect opportunity for you to enter the lifestyle market!

Poor data quality costs revenue in lost opportunities.

The property keys must be identifiers (consult Legal Identifiers).

If you want to read or write properties with arbitrary names, you need to use the bracket operator (see Bracket Operator ([]): Accessing Properties via Computed Keys). As a preparation, we create one property that can be deleted and another one that can’t be deleted (Getting and Defining Properties via Descriptors explains Numbers can be used as property keys in object literals, but they are interpreted as strings.

Regular feeds of any updates or additions are sent to you at the desired frequency, keeping your installation up to date.

Everyone in your organisation will be working off the same quality information: a unified view.

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