Responding to winks online dating

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These features are just one of the many great reasons to choose

Instant messaging someone is a great opportunity to confirm whether you might be able to sustain a good conversation when you meet up, and whether there might be a chance for a good friendship even if you don’t end up connecting romantically.

As long as you’re okay with any of those possibilities, I would recommend you wink back and allow him the opportunity to email you.

If he’s contacting you, I think the man should drive the conversation so I recommend giving him the chance to do just that.

” If you feel you’re at a stage where you’re ready to chat to your potential date in real time but are not quite ready to ask them to meet face to face, sending them an instant message through the Instant Messenger tool on is the perfect alternative.

Remember that our internal e-mail and instant messaging services are there to help our community members build relationships over time within the site without having to share any personal contact details until they feel ready.

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