Restarted before updating can continue validating text in javascript

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We know there are reasons why you have not maintained all Microsoft updates but there is no workaround for this requirement.For days, every time I have started Firefox, it asked whether I wanted an update.

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Therefore, nothing in the entire system should have been accessing anything in the Firefox folder.

Of course, I can switch to Google Chrome, but I prefer Firefox; in addition, all of my Firefox bookmarks are now gone. For days, every time I have started Firefox, it asked whether I wanted an update.

You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item." I see nothing unusual in the Properties for what seems to be the Firefox executable. The problem was that, for days Firefox didn't work at all -- it would not even start, even after many laptop shutdowns and restarts.

This note will be long in the attempt to anticipate questions and save time for you and the other experts trying to help me. All of these restarts took place after the last time Firefox was running before the problematic "upgrade" described in my original post.

For an initial sanity check, jscher2000 asked whether I had rebooted Windows after the problems started. These were hard shutdowns and restarts, not just reboots. BTW I also did a complete virus scan after my original post this morning. You said to rename the Mozilla folders as follows: Renaming the service folder was easy. Here is the Windows error message: "The action can't be completed because the folder or a file in it is open in another program." This failure and message lead to the following comments: 1.

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