Robert smith and siouxsie sioux dating

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Tolhurst also sang on a cover of "Wild Thing" at Malice's early shows, O'Toole remained Easy Cure's steady front man for several months while the group played the local pub circuit, "building up an enormous local following", and was even the singer on the home demo tapes that landed them their first recording contract with Hansa Records.When we started, and were playing in pubs, I wasn't the singer ...I wish I'd stuck with it." Up until December 1972 he did not have a guitar of his own, and had been borrowing his brother's for some time, "so he gave me his guitar for Christmas.But I'd commandeered it anyway – so whether he was officially giving it to me at Christmas or not, I was going to have it!

Between 1978–79, Smith composed and recorded demo versions of some of the Cure's definitive early songs on his sister Janet's Hammond organ with a built-in tape recorder, including " Saturday Night".I was the drunk rhythm guitarist who wrote all these weird songs.We went through about five different singers – they were fucking useless, basically.Smith began taking classical guitar lessons from the age of nine, "with a student of John Williams, a really excellent guitarist ...I learned a lot, but got to the point where I was losing the sense of fun.

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